We help extend the life of your roof.

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Let’s start off by saying – we don't aggressively pressure wash the roof!

Aside from house washing, this is another very popular home service. It’s one of the best ways to increase the life of your shingles and gutter system. Our process uses a soft washing method incorporating naturally based detergents and solutions.

We clean all debris and growth (mold, moss, algae) from your shingles and within the gutters. Yes! This service includes cleaning inside the gutters – it only makes sense since the debris may collect in the gutters.

As for the roof cleaning, we take into consideration the manufacturers recommendation for cleaning and removal of any aggregate material such as lichen and moss. Since the asphalt shingle is developed with limestone additives, the type of chemicals and the way the roof is cleaned becomes critical. Inexperienced roof cleaners will tend to use equipment with too much pressure or utilize abrasive chemicals that strip away the protective layers.

Pristine Prowash does not use high pressure water or equipment on the shingles as this will contribute to failure of your roof material. ARMA, the industry standard in asphalt roofing materials, recommends general applications and methods for cleaning your shingles. At Pristine Prowash, we take this guidance seriously and go above and beyond ANY industry standard to prevent accelerated deterioration of your roof material.


Solutions & Gear.

Chemicals are naturally based and do not degrade the shingle material

Tested and mastered cleaning process gets into the roots of the growth

Low pressure washing equipment avoids stripping the limestone, a reflector of the harmful rays from the sun.