I’m Jared Schultz,
the Owner of Pristine Prowash.

My story and the founding of the company is like most small businesses - I knew I could provide a better service than what was currently being offered in the community (Utica, NY).

Early on, I vividly recall helping family and friends with their pressure washing needs. Partly they wanted someone they trusted – that treated their property like their own AND someone that could get results – a sense of expertise. I always had a knack for the right equipment and started fiddling around with natural detergents/chemicals to get the best results for each scenario (vinyl siding, concrete, shingles, deck, etc). Quality and a high attention to detail has always been the core aspect of everything I do.

As more neighbors referred their friends and relatives, it became evident that what I loved to do is what I should be doing full-time. I left my career in the insurance field and launched Pristine Prowash. A few hundred customers later... I’m thrilled about the progress we’ve made throughout Oneida County and excited to introduce additional services to help our local homeowners. My team and I thank you for your continued support and the opportunity to keep my passion alive.

Thank you again for visiting the site and considering our services. We'll do everything we can to make it a great experience


Pristine Prowash is based in New Hartford, NY and happily services all of Oneida County. Both residential & commercial.

What makes Pristine Prowash Different



I am proud to be born and raised in Utica, NY. I live here with my family and grateful for the opportunity to hire locally as needed. We understand our customers and they appreciate our commitment to quality. Our family approach carries us through the great and not so great times. 

We strive to get things right with our customers because of this same approach.


It makes no difference if we spray down your home or business using a lot of fancy equipment and the result is the same. Over the last several years, we have perfected a process and layered on the right equipment in the correct order to have a minimal footprint while at your home or business. The solvents and cleaning detergents have years of testing and combinations applicable for our region that truly work. 

Whether exterior, decking or roof applications, our solutions are always custom blended based on your needs.


If something’s not right, we let you know. If we accidentally break something, we let you know (and replace it). If there’s a better way than what you request, we let you know. If you ask for services and we feel there’s a cheaper and better way, we let you know. That’s what separates us from everyone else. 

We think of your needs first and much of the feedback we get conveys that sentiment.